Friday, October 30, 2009

An Apology

I am in the middle of writing a note of apology to Marj, a woman in her late 80's who I much admire, for being unsocial - rude??? - to her at the doctor's office yesterday.

I was with Matt who'd had worrying lab results for his weekly blood counts the day before and was there to see his GP about an incapacitating increase in his back pain. Marj was waiting to see the doc that she and I share and smiled broadly when she saw us approaching. "I thought it was you," she said. I answered with a few pleasantries as I settled into my chair and then, "I hope you don't mind, but I'm feeling like being quiet right now. I tend not to like to talk in the morning." Those weren't the exact words, but it was something like that. I smiled as I said it and she continued smiling as broadly as before. I was afraid that she hadn't understood, restated some of what I'd said, then retreated into my private world. I'd had difficulty sleeping the night before and could easily have dozed off in the chair if it had been slightly more comfortable. When Marj was called into the doc's office, I looked up to say "so long," but she'd already turned and was following the nurse with what seemed to be a troubled expression on her face. Later, Matt told me that she'd said "good bye" to me and that I'd ignored her. I suppose that was when my head was down and I was in my own private world.

Marg is the founder of Wildlife Fawn Rescue. She is one of my super heroines. It grieves me to think that I might have caused her to be sad, even momentarily.

I've got the stationary and the scrawled draft of the note of apology on the desk to my side. I'll write it, then walk to the post office. The exercise will do me good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daisy and the Burning Man

A response to Kathy's comment about my comment on her blog and to all cat lovers.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bragging Rights

Rachael Krugman is my truly awesome daughter. She got FIRST PLACE in a surf kayaking competition in Davenport, California, this past week-end. Rachael is the third kayaker and appears 3 or 4 times in this practice session the day before the competition. She is wearing a white helmet and an aqua blue paddling jacket.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friggin Friggin Priorities

I can not believe how long the friggin paperwork that I am doing is taking!!!

I will read the posts of my on-line friends ASAP.

I will do the week+ long of unwashed (but properly rinsed) dishes tomorrow at the latest.

I will do the friggin laundry before we run out of clothes (or buy new ones on-line 'cause I can't go out until I finish the friggin friggin paperwork; I'll use next day delivery.)

I will post eventually.

I will play with my glass before the month is over (hopefully).

I will attend the San Francisco Opera's performance of The Daughter of the Regiment with Juan Diego Florez no matter what unless hell freezes over or my hubby's health demands that I stay home. Here's Why!

I will go thrift store shopping with Linda on Tuesday and to the Sculpture Jam meeting and pot luck on Wednesday as long as the friggin friggin paperwork and the dishes are done.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Rebecca

Millions of Americans Waste Entire Fucking Afternoon

Balloon Boy to America: Punk'd!

COLORADO (The Borowitz Report) - Moments after a little boy who was believed to be in his parents' homemade helium balloon was found safe and sound, millions of Americans came to the realization that they had flushed the entire fucking afternoon down the fucking toilet.

"I watched the entire drama unfold and then it turned out that no drama had unfolded," said Carol Foyler, 32, of Missoula, Montana. "I can't tell you how pissed I am at that fucking kid."

At their Colorado home, the parents of six-year-old Falcon Heene said that they were relieved that their son was all right and that they were pushing forward with their plans to build a giant child-operated flame-throwing robot

As reported on WA Today (starting several paragraphs into the article):

Falcon was the son of Richard and Mayumi Heene, and the family appeared on ABC's Wife Swap. Richard Heene was described by friends as a sort of "mad scientist", 7News said.He was a storm chaser and had a website called The Psyience Detectives, which "investigates the mysteries of science and psychic phenomenon". A profile written for Wife Swap mentioned the Heene family's interest in experimental aircraft.

"When the Heene family aren't chasing storms, they devote their time to scientific experiments that include looking for extraterrestrials and building a research-gathering flying saucer to send into the eye of the storm," it said.

In a 2007 profile in the Denver Post, Mr Heene said he took his sons on storm chasing missions. "I think I have odd kids. They start screaming with excitement," he said.

On at least one occasion the family had a close call when they found themselves in the midst of a tornado in Buckeye, the Post said.

Viewers in the US were glued to TVs showing live footage of the runaway balloon, and posted their thoughts on Twitter.The story occupied most of the top 10 popular topic spots on Twitter, under various "hash tag" names including "Denver", "Colorado", "Balloon Boy" and "SaveBalloonBoy".

CNN said the aircraft was experimental and was built by the boy's parents.

I didn't get caught up in this. I was too busy wasting time in other ways. It sure is a funny story, though. I plan to get back to posting tomorrow . . . or the next day. . . or the one after that. First though, I'll catch up with the blogs of my on-line friends.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quickie Update

Volunteering at the Handcar Regatta on September 27 has me questioning my mental clarity.

Sculpture Jam this past week-end was Amazing-Fabulous. Especially 'cause of the kidlets.

Yesterday, I had an interaction with a sophisticated lady at an adult education class that was reminiscent of junior high school. And not in a good way.

Opera is becoming an addiction. Dare I hope that it replace unhealthful eating?

More later. Plus catching up with my on-line friends including some who seem to have deserted me and some who may have abandoned blogging. (I need to make some more on-line friends.)

Right now, it is rush rush rush. (and I am definitely not talking about Limbaugh.)

Cheers to all.