Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy Big Bee Being Beaucoup Busy

I'll catch up with blogging & reading blogs of on-line friends in a couple of weeks.
Until then, I wish everyone (including myself) success in reaching those elusive and also those easily accomplished goals. And, along the way, may life give all of us some reasons to smile.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It Really Is The Process

I just had the entirely evil experience of spending a very long time on a post (which included 16 photos and a number of links) and with one unwise click of a key deleting the whole friggin thing. Paradoxically I was writing about the value of process over product. Right now, at 2:31 a.m., I'm too exhausted to care. I'm unlikely to have another session at the computer in the week ahead because of a delightfully busy week. In a strange sense, it really doesn't matter that what I wrote has snapped into non-existence. The process really does matter. I'm disappointed not to be able to publicly present what I put together, but the rush of life will be pulling me forward and bits of what I wrote will possibly come up again, polished for having been previously formulated and nurtured by their continuing presence somewhere in the convoluted reaches of my brain.

Even so, here are a few pictures from the Splash Dog competition at the fair. (I'm too tired right now to explain.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kim Rondespierre

Kim, a guy, another guy, me, a guy,
Diana at Burning Man 2006
(From Sarah)

I am so sorry to have to send this. Kim passed away last Thurs/Friday in her home. A service in the bay area will be announced after her brother, friend Krissy and I have a chance to meet tomorrow. Kim was weak from her chemo treatments, but put on a very brave face. She was so grateful to those of you who sent her cards and phone calls. But she really was taken too soon.. I wish we would have had more time.

(From Walt)

Yeah, I saw something about this late last night. The whole thing happened so fast. On the one hand, you hate to think of a friend lingering in pain with no good end in sight. On the other hand.....well, the whole thing sucks. I'm glad she didn't suffer for a long time. That's no way for a person to go.

Kim had a great sense of humor, and I like to picture her on her little scooter, zipping around the streets of San Francisco with her wild hair flying out from under the helmet.

We sure never know how long we have, do we? Carpe diem.

(Matt (not hubby Matt)

As Walt said, the whole thing sucks, but I've seen the "lingering pain" kind of thing before, and given the lesser of two evils..........
At least Kim knew there were so many positive thoughts and vibes being sent her way.......

Always try to remember the fun and sweet moments we've shared with those who've left us, that is their legacy......

To all my SCARAB family.......Please stay healthy, and always know you are all loved by sooo many more than you know.

Matt (not hubby Matt)
(From me)

I talked to Kim for about 40 minutes 6 weeks or so ago after I'd heard about her cancer diagnosis. A week and a half ago, I sent her "comfort glass" and a handmade card. The Post Office was unable to deliver it and left a notice in her mailbox. She died on August 1st.

I'm astounded that Kim is gone. The last time that I saw her was at Burning Man 2006. Or maybe it was at Decompression in September of 2006. Ours was a friendship that showed itself only when the two of us were in the same place at the same time. Even so, it had color and texture and Kim occupied a place in my heart. My world is emptier with her loss.