Friday, December 21, 2012


This is my favorite season - this year. . . .

Traditionally November and December have been the most difficult months in my life.  Other than dismal weather, the most traumatic events have usually occurred in these months - or in early January. 

But this year, I'm all about Christmastime.  

I have many reasons to be happy:
My children are doing well; my relationship with them is harmonious and loving.  

My son and daughter-in-law are competent, interested and loving parents.  Their 5 year old daughter enjoys doing crafts with me.  Their son at two sparkles with personality.

My daughter is ........amazing!

I am blessed to have in my life a wonderful man who continually surprises me with his thoughtfulness, gentleness and brilliance.  

I now live in a welcoming retirement community.  My block is known to be the most "social" in this community.  Some of my neighbors are becoming friends, others friendly acquaintances.

Life has mellowed me.  I've learned some of its more difficult lessons.  I face the challenges that life now present me with grace.  Every day is a gift.

And . . . . . the bank down the street always has cookies and coffee available.  I call it the Cookie Bank.  A week ago they hosted their annual Christmas party, a gift to those of us who do our banking there.  The food is abundant and includes an assortment of gourmet appetizers, wonderful bakery items, wine and other beverages.

At the Christmas party at the Cookie Bank was the attractive woman pictured above.  I love the flair with which she is dressed.  Her presence added to the festivity of the occasion.