Friday, November 29, 2013

An Edited Comment I Made On Mike's Blog -

Sorry that you missed Yosemite because of the idiotic government shutdown.  At this point in U.S. history, our government is disfunctional.  Our democracy is fractured, broken by ideological extremes and the influence of monied interests.  I don't know if we are in an irreversible decline, ripe for the triumph of an authoritarian regime or for revolution, or if this just a phase in our national history with an eventual return to functionality (and with the adults back in control.) 
I wrote and deleted the following (edited) comment on someone else's post;
    "Your experiences, reinforced by the cynicism of the age, lead you to question the motivations of 
      other people."
I liked the sentence (which is why I've written it here) but is was an inappropriate response to the post  on which I was commenting.

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Lorraine Renaud said...

God I miss you soooo much, I hate that i don't see you and kathy anymore or that you don't blog much, well i've finally decided to keep only one blog that is Photos and Stuff L...and of course I'm on google 'cause i don't have a choice, if you blog her again do let me know, I miss my friends xx