Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Heartbreaking Event

I was wondering if I would post again and why.

The "why" is a news article that I read moments ago.  It saddens me and outrages me.  I am raging.

An 8 year old girl was kidnapped from a Walmart in Florida on Friday.  The suspect had been released from jail on May 31.   A registered sex offender, his recent offense had been impersonating an official and "aggravated child abuse by willful torture."

The mother and daughter met the suspect at a nearby Dollar Store.  He offered to buy clothing for them at Walmart.  After 2 hours in Walmart, the suspect said he would buy them hamburgers.  He left Walmart with the girl and drove away with her in his van.  The mother called the police and said that her daughter had been kidnapped.  On Saturday, the suspect was apprehended and held without bail.  The charge was changed from kidnapping to murder later the day when the girl's body was found at a church 4 miles away from the Walmart.

There is nothing really to say about this.  One wonders about the mother.  Is she mentally incompetent? Was she on drugs. What does it take for a woman to go with a stranger to go shopping for clothing for herself and her 8 year old daughter? What does it take for a women to allow her 8 year old daughter within the reach of such a stranger?

Such a heartbreaking story.

It's been a long time from when I last posted.  Most of my on-line friends no long maintain their blogs.  Three of them do so.  I hope one or two drop by and share their comments.  I don't know why except that right now - in The City alone to catch a couple operas and meet my son for lunch on Monday - I feel alone with this awful awful event .


Lorraine said...

She musn't she couldn't have loved her daughter, there's no way. A mom is a lioness when it comes to safeguarding her child...or perhaps she is to dumb to know better...stupidity or lack of love, either way and where is the father? I would never forgive her for trading her daughter for treats. I try never to judge because we don't know the cause or the real story, but to me the fact that she was found dead, leaves no doubt in my mind the monster is her mother...and that child molester well that's on the Justice system's head may they know one day the unjustice of it themselves....I'm torn between heartbreak and pure rage...what kind of world do we live in...when a mom hands over her child maybe I misread, missed something so I'll go back and read it again and maybe I'll see something else, something less horrifying

Lorraine said...

no no difference on second reading, when he took her to go buy lunch, what the hell did she think, that they would came back, why didn't she go, did she go the washroom and they left, or did she let her little girl go,it makes no sense...from any point of view, it makes no sense...and after all she calls the police, the one thing she should have done immediately when the men approached them and wanted to buy them close she had to be incapacitated, or high on drug ,cause no one sales their 8 year old for fries...Unless she couldn't continue raising this child so she gave her away to someone she knew while not not knowing who he was. There could be millions of scenarios, but whichever is true, this little girl has been tortured and is dead, and that is painful, and another knife in any mother's heart

Lorraine said...

now I share your pain from one mom to another, I know ...unbearable

ArleneWKW said...

Lorraine: I don't think the mother sold her daughter or knowingly traded her for clothing. She just had extremely poor judgement. I don't know why she wasn't more vigilant about her daughter's whereabouts. I don't know why she trusted the intentions of the stranger. It's a mystery to me and a tragedy for the child and her mother.

Lorraine said...

no mother no matter how stupid would let her child alone not for a second, not for a minute, and that's the only way he could have taken her without her support would have been is she had left for even a minute...I don't like judging but this story stinks to high heaven, some way some how she left her daughter alone, there was no way he could have taken the child while her mom was there cause she would have screamed and she would have gotten attention from others, mind you the story leaves a lot of blanks, so I agree it's a mystery, and if the mother was true to her daughter she must be in hell....I don't have access to your newspaper or programming so if you learn more please let me know, either way though whether negligence or any other physical or mental problem the mom must be in hell...that I have to agree withyou